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We’ve re-designed our website to make it more adaptable for our always on-the-go team, allowing us to post more of the current and compelling political news and commentary you, the reader, have come to depend on.

To that end, we’re asking you to help us by giving us your honest assessment of how we’re doing with our new site. Over the years we’ve come to learn that you won’t hold back…so bring it on.

Our two subject pages remain much the same: Sacramento Update and National News Update.  Just follow the links in the menu bar above.

The link to our Twitter feed remains the same, so if you’re following us on Twitter you can continue to do so by visiting on Twitter.

Likewise our archive is maintained on our Facebook page at on Facebook.  Our new website also has a search feature so you can look up past articles.

Our goal is to bring you an even better version of the current and compelling news and analysis you’ve demanded of us for the past 17 years.

We look forward to your comments…we know you won’t be shy.


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